Thursday, May 27, 2010

Belgium Blows

And so does Pat.

May 26th: We had quite a good day, such a good day that Pat Hughes will wish he never flew himself over to Shitfuck to backpack for a month (this can't wait a month).

First we got the staple of our summer in New Jersey, TACO FUCKING BELL. We referred to Bill, Wink, and Sean. The T-bell was absolutely delicious as usual, and way better than walking around Europe (XFD only takes 1 day to do everything there...)

After T-bell we did the unthinkable... Rode scooters around SEAN'S development (Suck it Pat). Sean roller-bladed for a bit, while wearing a tie and looking retarded. We went to the top of the hill and rode all the way down, going faster than it takes Dan to discover all of Rome (second jab at that). We went back up a second time, myself on a bike, and the others on scooters, but our roll down the hill wasn't quite as fast as it could have been thanks to... THE ICE CREAM LADY. Upon hearing and seeing this truck, we began having a tropical themed party in the streets, with the ice cream lady providing us the perfect music to party to. Andrew W.K. would be proud. We got our flavored ices and headed back to the (Sean) Hughes House, where we would chill out in the basement and relax before having even MORE fun.

---Real Life Punch-Out!---

That more fun came in the form of taking a quick ride over to Camp Joy and hitting a few baseballs. Wink kept hitting them so friggin far it was ridiculous, and Sean did pretty good too. I myself played baseball about as well as the Yankees (XFD suck it Yankees). After hitting baseballs and losing baseballs and then searching for them we wandered over to the playground, and eventually to the swings. We got some sweet action shots of us jumping off the swings and of Wink and Sean doing midair high fives (although we couldn't get a good picture of it). Sean also climbed a tree up to some insane height that only Jonb could surpass. After some tasty beverages and strawberry chewies, Wink was driven home and I was eventually driven home as well.

May 27th: There was a mall trip with Wink, Garrett, and Dan. There was also T-bell. Oh sweet glorious T-bell. We're living up to that promise of getting T-bell almost every day so far. Oh and before the t-bell, Garrett cut my hair off! We were going to keep the hair clippings and make jackbeards out of them but we didn't for some reason.