Friday, June 4, 2010

Crabbing Adventure Images

Hey Everybody!

Didn't get a chance to tag all of these images yet. But here is a portion of the crabbing adventure! Stay tuned though still have another 10 or so images of the actual cooking of the crabs to upload. Also more posts soon on Go Carts, Golf, Food Truck festival, and homemade fried chicken and mac and cheese. YUM! I know I couldn't be having any more fun anywhere in the world!

Oh P.S. I changed the blog template so the flickr slidr would play nice! Hope you guys don't mind!

Scotland Sucks

And so does Switzerland.

May 28th: CRAB BATTLE!

Woke up early as hell (8:30am xfd) so that I could go grab Mr. Eric Winkelspecht and bring him to Justine's house. From here, we met up with the other crabby crabbers (Jonb, Steven, and Justine of course). We all drove over to Bayville in Steven's car, and we soon arrived at the house. We greeted Nick, as well as the 2 awesome puppies and FAWKES OF COURSE! :D

Next order of business was to go get food, both for ourselves and for the crabs to eat. If only feeding ourselves was as easy as feeding the crabs, which took about two seconds to decide on raw chicken. After what seemed like an eternity of throwing out random suggestions including everything from Chinese to Japanese to some diner we shouldn't eat at, we settled on buying stuff from Shoprite, although I (Bill) went to a pizza place next to Shoprite and ate some delicious pizza.

After this, we were finally on our way to go crabbing. With Fawkes at our side, we arrived at the park, excited to catch a bunch of crabs and eat them. However, we went a bit early to really cash in on the little bastards, although we still did pretty well. We caught somewhere around 25 keepers, a ton of babies we threw back, a blowfish (that almost exploded everywhere, killing us all), a would have been delicious eel if we kept it, and 2 very large horseshoe crabs, one as big as the trap itself. Those were quite cool, although the smaller one fell off once we pulled the trap out of the water. We took a lot of cool pictures of this trip too, which I hope to one day put into the blog, or maybe someone else will since it's accessible to the other non-Europe people. Oh, we also caught a Kraken, but we collectively decided that we were the cork that would keep that evil contained forever.

Dan eventually joined us, and after another hour or so we packed up our traps (but not before putting all of the leftover chicken in one trap and trying our luck with a megatrap). We headed to Shoprite to pick up supplies, and then back to the house, where we prepared a delicious meal consisting of steak, hotdogs, potatoes, broccoli, mac and cheese, and of course, CRAB! Apparently Nick overcooked it or something and it wasn't as good as it should have been. Personally, I found more enjoyment out of the actual crabbing process than any of the preparation or eating.

Following dinner was desert, and we stopped at some ice cream place that won some fancy award or something. They had a toasted coconut ice cream that was amazing! Enjoying our ice cream, we headed to Seaside to go to the boardwalk. Little did we know that while it wasn't prime crab season, guido season was in full effect. We wandered around a sea of Snookies before heading into an arcade and winning laser pointers, shock flashlights ("Here Dan, make sure it works"), some sweet retractable comb thing, and like 200,000 Chinese finger traps. The arcade made Seaside a success in my opinion.

Heading back to the house to drop Nick off, we got lost due to Dan's GPS, which kept insisting that we turn down a one-way road. Dan became so enraged that he unleashed on his steering wheel. We tried using my GPS, and it initially humored us by telling us to turn right... 4 times in a row. That thing was really intent on being right. We got back, dropped Nick off, and then headed back to Justine's house where we all went our separate ways. Minus the intense sunburn, made even worse by the haircut Garrett gave me the day before, it was overall a great day, and I can only hope we go crabbing again during prime crabbing season.

Oh and the pink trap = god.