Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boats and Bonfires - 6.14.10

The day started off like many so far in June - cloudy.

We all took off work so we could spend the whole day together. Sean, Emily, Jon, Tara, Rob and his girlfriend Kelly, all came to my house promptly at 10 (or whenever Rob felt like getting there, which was around 10:30). Since it was cloudy and we originally wanted to beach it up, we decided to go to the Mug Rack instead.


After Mug Rackin'-it up, we shimmied on over to Patriot's Park, where we threw around a frisbee, or tried to avoid geese droppings, or attempted to catch dragon flies. That got tiring and boring after a while, so we were back off to my house for a nice swim. The pool was open and clean so we all jumped in. After a rousing game of Marco Polo in which Kelly was smacked in the face and Jon twirled around like a propeller for the win, we dried off and tried to think of something else to do, which is when Bill joined us!

After Tara, Rob and Kelly departed, Jon enlightened us to "Always" by Erasure and "Fleisch", which was disturbing and full of headless cows and men chanting in German, Sean elected newly-arrived Maureen and Danni to decide what to do. So Jon suggested Manasquan Reservoir.

And that's when the fun really began.

Sparks flying from the bottom of Jon's car, we met Garrett and Dan at the reservoir and rented three boats with three people in each: Jon, Maureen and Bill in #1, Danni, Dan and I in #2, and Sean, Emily and Garrett in #3. We each had our own special adventures! Jon, Maureen and Bill made it to the opposite shore and looked around for a bit. Bill stabbed a sand heart! Danni, Dan and I were splashed and then attacked repeatedly by Sean, Emily and Garrett's boat. And then Garrett broke an oar. Way to be.

Tired, wet and hungry, we headed to Emilio's for pizza. Goddammit, that was good pizza. Then it was off to the Hughes' house!

We swam. We made a bonfire. We roasted marshmallows. We burned ourselves. We created a whirlpool. And it was delightful.


And then I slept until like 9am and was almost late to work.

That's what I call a good day.


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  1. wow... a video? Jeeze you guys really are going out of your way to do everything we don't do every other summer haha. Now I have to see if I can find time to make a video... we shall see...