Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hey everybody!

So if you noticed down below are two posts that Tristan put up. They are strictly pictures so I figured I'd do an update and talk a little bit about the awesomeness/awkwardness that was the Pokemon Video Game Championship! After about two strict weeks of Pokemon training, Tristan and I had been preparing for, we decided that we were as ready as we'd ever be! And so this morning at 9:30 am Tristan, Meagan, and myself departed from our safe comfy homes where we are free from the ridicule of the world to venture out and share our embarrassing love for Pokemon with a bunch of 10 year old children. But to our surprise the demographic of people at the event tended to be kids our age or older. It was a bit of a shock.

We met this kid our age named Alex who was pretty cool. He was hardcore into Pokemon. Like if you know how hard I love Pokemon multiply that times infinity. No lie. He even started his own augmented reality at his college which involved him and about 12 of his friends. Each of his friends became a gym leader and built a team of Pokemon all around one type, i.e. Rock gym, Fire gym, etc. They also had people designated as elite four members and even had a team rocket story line. Once a week they would chill in there designated locations on campus and other Pokemon trainers could challenge them to a battle. If they win, the Gym leader has to give them a badge. Bottom line although it sounded pretty nerdy it was pretty deep and I enjoyed the thought of taking part in these PokeShenanigans.

After waiting on line for a bajillion hours we were finally let into the event hall where we got to wait on line more. Then after registering our Pokemon we got to wait online to battle. Then after losing our first matches we got to wait on line to exit and be marked with a sharpie on our hands with an X. This was a humiliating shameful reminder that although we worked hard to be the very best we were but scum in comparison to our vast foes.

I received a free shiny Eevee though and a free Pokemon backpack thingy. So all in all it was an undeniably fun extravaganza of Pokefun! So in the words of Gary Oak: Smell Ya Later!


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