Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They were never supposed to leave...

Well, as the Europe trip comes to a has become obvious that some of us can't handle the absence of our friends...

And with this, i leave you. Here is our final video before the return of the Jacksionic 4:

Suck it real hard, Europe.


  1. I like this a lot. Sean, you have to work on your sound mix, and try not to smile so much. But aside from that, this is awesome.

  2. I agree with the sound mix comment. My car's squeal is way too loud, could have been lowered, but I know this was a last minute thing.

  3. Yeah I loved it. Even if you just put an ambient sound in the background to overlap the whole video it would have made the sound go over much smoother.

  4. haha that was so much better then I ever expected that to be! Dan your acting has come such a long way since "Yeah he stabbed me in the hand" take 37!

    Such a good remake! I can't wait to watch it without lag haha

  5. Yall should have recorded this years later when my car didn't squeal anymore fuckers.