Monday, June 21, 2010

The Civil War Sucks

But the Revolutionary War does not.

Wink, Garret and I went to the Revolutionary wasn't as "Revolutionary" as i remember hearing; but still good. It was filled to the colonial brim with a slew of sweaty men between the ages of 70 and 167...wearing outfits the equivalent of a European in Florida...all whilst shooting giant boom-sticks at each other. We watched for a few hours as men died in the sun, came back from the dead, crawled into the shade (drums and rifles at hand), and then proceeded to die again.

It was inspiring.

Want to know how inspiring? So inspiring that i spent $0.99 on a song for the video at the end of this post. Everyone in Europe is probably so jealous right now. They wish they were having this much fun. We got to watch the British and the Americans butt-heads for a solid hour and a half, with some fine young colonial wenches, might i add. And yes, i do believe thine "Digital Camera" is showing...

And big surprise here, you'll never guess who won....the underdogs, the rag-tag farmers from another mother, the united, the free, the actors who are noticeably having a better time because they don't have anywhere near the same amount of clothing as the British...

You guessed it...


And lastly, not to be shown up by Europe's "We're having so much fun!" video....without further a-do....

This puppy cost me $0.99: watch me

Suck it.