Monday, June 21, 2010

Eat A Dinner Clown!

That is all.

Also, Jon B and I lost power for like a million hours today. It was super hot, and I was super bored. To pass the time I used my laptop's battery power to updated my resume ( I am far too lazy to to figure out how to make that cool mark thingy above the e... sorry) So hopefully, here's to so-long Gap forever.

[Special note for Dave, Laurie got a promotion to head of store at Banana. So, good for her sad for us =c ]

Anyways, I originally wanted to post just that clown but I wrote other things, deal with it. Adventures with Mollie tomorrow, Expect pictures and an update from me quite soon with limited swearing at the request of mom Hughes

I could smell you jerks getting off the elevator,


  1. Dear Garrett,

    It has come to my attention that you do not know how to "make that cool mark thingy above the e". That's unfortunate.


  2. Dear José,

    I do know how to make it when the time is right.


  3. What the fuuuuuuck!??? If Laurie leaves I will cry probably forever. Or just quit the gap and work for her at banana. She'd probably hire me for way more anyway!

    I miss you and I love you. We're coming home so soon! Huge bro-down when I get backkkk